Tandoori Marinade Kits - Classic
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  • 15mins

Our tandoori marinade is a paste that coats your ingredient saving lots of marinating time. It comes with tandoori seasoning and a chutni. Delicious with red meat, chicken, fish, prawns, paneer or vegetables.

Contains a tandoori marinade, tandoori seasoning blend and a chutni to serve

  • Serves 2
  • No Nasties
  • Vegetarian
  • Mild

Tandoori food refers to grilled or roasted skewers of meat and vegetables cooked in a charcoal- fuelled tandoor oven, reminiscent of a BBQ char, but with savoury and spicy Indian flavours. If you are already a tandoori fan, our Classic Tandoori Marinade Kit is sure to be your new best friend! The marinade evokes that delicious restaurant tandoori taste, full of yoghurt tang, ginger, garlic and warming spices.

For Indian chefs, tandoori food takes a lot of training to master. But, with ovens and grills to hand - and now our tandoori Marinade Kits too - you can achieve that sought-after, mouth-watering marriage of spiced yoghurt coating and chary smokiness in minutes. We love using these kits to add bags of flavour to oven-roasted meats and veggies in the winter - and to add an Indian twist to classic BBQ food in the summer.


Anjum’s Top Tips

Coat your meat, fish, paneer or veg at room temperature with the marinade.

Grill, Bake (200° C) or BBQ until cooked. Baste with Butter (optional) towards the end for added succulence.

Sprinkle over a pinch of our speedy tandoori seasoning (to taste) and serve with the mint chutni.

OUR PERFECT Tandoori Marinade Kits - Classic

For added deliciousness, add 1 tbs of oil into the marinade.

Always use skinned chicken - and ideally thighs or drumsticks. For added succulence, marinate chicken thighs first in a squeeze of lemon juice, a pinch of salt, and a little ginger and garlic paste for 20 minutes.

For extra tender lamb, add a spoon of Greek yoghurt into the marinade and leave to stand for as long as possible.

For that restaurant quality crisp edge, baste the nearly finished grilled or roasted ingredient with melted butter.

For masses of inspiration have a look at the many tandoori recipes in our cook pages.


Yoghurt (33%) (Milk Culture), Cream, Ginger, Herbs (Coriander Mint), Tomato Paste, Sunflower Oil, Garlic, Water, Powdered Spices , Salt, Sugar, Lime Juice, Tamarind Paste, Gram Flour, Basil seed Powder, Cumin powder, Green Chilli.

Seasoning Pouch :Spices, Salt, Rice Flour, Anti-Caking Agent (Silicon Dioxide)



Per 85g
Per 100g
ENERGY 585kJ 688kJ
PROTEIN 3.3g 3.9g
FAT 10.5g 12.3g
SUGARS 4.0g 4.7g
SODIUM 595mg 700mg

Ways to use

  • BBQ
  • Bake
  • Grill
I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful Tandoori Marinade Kit. I used the marinade on a lamb steak and found it a well-balanced and aromatic flavour - and so easy to use. I don't generally add anything to lamb, but this really did work - so a big plus from me
Stuart Wood from the UK
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